Turner Sports Analysts Congratulate Colleague Grant Hill on Being Named a 2018 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee

A collection of NBA on TNT and NBA TV analysts including Hall of Famers Shaquille O’Neal, Isiah Thomas and Reggie Miller offer their thoughts on the legacy of fellow Turner Sports analyst and 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Grant Hill:

Shaquille O’Neal on Grant Hill: “Grant Hill paved the way for today’s NBA superstar – as a rangy wing who possessed the shooting and ball handling abilities of a point guard. It’s one thing to compete at a playing style that has already been established; it’s another to create a new style of playing, which is what Grant’s legacy on our league will be.”

Isiah Thomas on Hill: “Not many players in the history of our game have been given the title ‘the face of our league.’ When Grant Hill came in, he was given that mantle. Not only did he deliver on that praise, but he delivered in spades. To carry that pressure, you have to be great, not only on the floor, but off of it as well – Grant was both. He was the first to come into our league, at his size, and have guard-like skills in terms of crossing over and getting to the basket. Had he not got hurt, he would have been the ultimate aspiration of modern-day NBA stars.”

Reggie Miller on Hill: “Congratulations Grant. You exemplify exactly what the Naismith Hall of Fame is about, an outstanding team player on and off the court. Welcome to the family, my friend.”

Greg Anthony on Hill: “A well-deserved honor for a Hall of Fame player and person. I’m really excited for Grant.”

Stu Jackson on Hill: “Grant’s talent level as a collegiate and NBA level were undeniable. His skills at handling, passing and scoring the ball were extraordinary for a player his size. ACC Player of the Year, NBA Rookie of the Year, seven-time NBA All-Star and a five-time All-NBA selection give him the credentials befitting a Hall of Fame player.”

Dennis Scott on Hill: “Grant is very deserving. I’m super excited for him as someone who was the perfect example of how to be on and off the floor. You talk to people around the game and they will all say the same – he exemplified how to be a pro every night.”

Mike Fratello on Hill: “As a former head coach, it was very difficult to prepare to face Grant Hill. He was a player who – because of his athleticism, skills and basketball IQ – was so often a focal point of his team. Facing Grant was not the easiest thing to do because he represented a glimpse into the future of the NBA: a six-foot eight-inch wing player, uniquely equipped with the passing and dribbling skills of a guard. Even with all the injuries he faced, he still persevered and was able to have a fantastic career.”

Kevin Harlan on Hill: “Grant Hill isn’t just one of the greatest players we’ve seen grace the floor at all levels, but one of the finest ambassadors this great game has known.  This is an exceptional day for the Hall, and for all of basketball.”

Brian Anderson on Hill: “Grant Hill is everything an athlete, a person, should strive to be. Not only was he a great player on the court, he is a role model off it. He proved, and continues to prove, that determination and competitiveness does not have to exist independent of grace, respect and class. Grant is a Hall of Fame player and a Hall of Fame person.”

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