Uncle Grandpa Series Description

Uncle Grandpa is a show about Uncle Grandpa, everyone in the world’s magical uncle and grandpa, who travels around the world in an RV with his right-hand man, Belly Bag, a giant realistic flying tiger named Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, an egotistical slice of pizza, Pizza Steve, and a dinosaur person named Mr. Gus. Uncle Grandpa’s mission is to help people out when they need it – even if they never had a problem in the first place.

This animated original comedy from Cartoon Network Studios follows magical Uncle Grandpa as he and his eclectic posse bring fun and entertainment to every situation they come upon. Through his childlike and innocent ways, Uncle Grandpa finds unusual solutions to everyday scenarios, even if there was not an issue to begin with.

We’ll also meet a wide array of supporting characters in action, including the New Experiences of Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person, and Tiny Miracle, Uncle Grandpa’s robot helper. In the world of Uncle Grandpa, you’re never sure who or what will pop up next.