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Turner Sports Exclusive Presentation of NBA All-Star Saturday Night Generates Significant Audience Totals Across All Platforms

                     TNT Telecast Nets 6.1 Million Total Viewers & Wins Night Across All of Television; 

                                     New York Garners Highest-Ever Local Rating for the Event

                                    All-Star Saturday Night Delivers Gross Reach of 77 Million Fans  

                                     & 14.5 Million Video Views Through Social Media Platforms

                                     Live Streaming Coverage Across Digital Screens Up 89%

NBA Digitals Comprehensive NBA All-Star Coverage to Include Exclusive One-on-One Interview with Kobe Bryant

Bryant Says, “I Should Have Seven,” Championships During Interview Conducted by Ahmad Rashad

Interview Part of NBA TV’s All-Star Monday Primetime Lineup, Feb. 16;

More Than 140 Hours of NBA All-Star Content Across NBA TV, and NBA Mobile

The City Game, Hosted by Kenny Smith, to Highlight New York City’s Most Memorable Players and


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