We Bare Bears - Character Descriptions


Voiced by Eric Edelstein

Grizzly is the oldest of the brothers. Although he is the charismatic, jovial, and a highly motivated leader, Grizzly is not the brightest bear in the bunch.  But what he lacks in common sense he makes up for with pure energy and excitement which leads the Bears into endless comedic complications.



Voiced by Bobby Moynihan

Panda loves pop culture and his smart phone. Like many middle children, he’s sensitive and a romantic. He'd really love a girlfriend, but most of his attempts have been utter failures. Luckily, his brothers are always there to lift him back up.



Voiced by Demetri Martin

The youngest in the family, Ice Bear is a bear of few words. He’s a bit odd and outwardly eccentric – after all, he refers to himself in the third person and sleeps in a refrigerator. But don’t underestimate him: skilled in a plethora of unknown talents, Ice Bear is a hidden savant and jack-of-all-trades.



Voiced by Charlyne Yi

Chloe is the Bears’ best human friend. She’s a true child prodigy: at twelve, she’s a freshman at a prestigious college. The Bears can always count on Chloe to know the book-smart answer. Though Chloe is a genius in the animal world, she often doesn’t understand human social dynamics.



Voiced by Patton Oswalt

As an internet celebrity of the highest order, Nom Nom’s videos go viral immediately – people around the world love this cute Koala. Nom Nom loves to flaunt his fame and success in front of the Bears. Both a hero and a nemesis to the Bears, Nom Nom is tough to get a read on, and he uses that to his advantage.


CHARLIE a.k.a Bigfoot

Voiced by Jason Lee

Charlie, in a word, is Bigfoot. He may be the most elusive and mysterious creature in America, but for the Bears, he’s just a talkative, slightly annoying neighbor who doesn’t always know when to leave. Deep down, he’s just a dim-witted but sweet guy looking for friends in a world meant for humans.