A new original production is ready to start in Italy on Boing!

A new original production is ready to start in Italy on Boing!

After the success of Ben 10 Challenge, the second edition of Adventure Time Missione Finntastica, Vuualà Che Magia and Boing Ready Go!, a new original production is ready to go live on Boing Italy from the 29th January: MY PERSONAL HERO.

The sitcom, produced by Lucky Road Productions for Boing Italy, features the Ricci family and Fabio Massei, the young motorcycling champion sponsored by CN with BEN 10, who won 2nd place in the Yamaha R1 Cup 2017 Trophy, ranking 1st in the under 27 category.

The Ricci family consists of father Eugenio, mum Gabriella and two sons: Gigi, the troublemaker, and Rebecca, bookworm and sometimes a little 'pedant'.

As in all families, the two children do not fail to make a fuss, for example, when they have to do their homework, go to sleep early or eat vegetables. Gigi and Rebecca also have desires that often do not meet the approval of parents, such as having a pet or becoming famous without efforts and sacrifices.

When the children want something impossible or are in conflict with their parents, they call in their help a special hero, Fabio Massei, who arrives with his motorbike ready to help Gigi and Rebecca and to fulfill their desires, but often making trouble and messes too.

Thanks to Fabio the guys will learn that even becoming responsible can be fun!

In pure Boing style, with cheerfulness and fun, the series stages the classic problems and discussions that occur in every family: the requests of the children look crazy and ironic at the beginning, but at the end these give an excuse to present a serious matter, for example, how important it is to take care of your pet, do homework, get enough sleep and eat vegetables.

Guaranteed fun for the whole family!