TNT Spain is filming the original production Vota For Juan

20 June, 2018

Over the summer, TNT Spain is filming Vote for Juan, an original production with actor Javier Cámara (Narcos, Truman, The Young Pope) playing the main character.

Set in the world of Spanish politics, Vote for Juan revolves around the character of Juan Carrasco, an uninspiring Agriculture Minister who, after finding his political ambitions awoken by a series of chance political events, decides to take part in his party’s primary elections thereby giving himself a chance to eventually run for the position of President of the government. Party intrigues, jealousy, crises…. As he undertakes this none too easy task he will count on the invaluable help of his press chief, his secretary and his personal advisor. His campaign team, much like him, try to make up for their lack of experience and political expertise through a mixture of guile and a whole host of other shenanigans. Will Juan Carrasco manage to make it all the way to the top?

The filming of this series coincides with a time of great upheaval in Spanish politics: a new Government has come to power in the most unexpected of ways. Javier Cámara, and one if its creators, Diego San José, the screenwriter of Spanish Affair the highest-grossing Spanish movie of all time, do point out that the series is not based upon anything from real-life Spanish politics! Their aim is to try and take a look at the more humane side of politicians. “I think people are going to laugh, they’re going to empathise with the characters, and that’s the important thing, that the characters are likeable so that viewers can see themselves reflected in them,” said Javier Cámara. “Imagine somebody who is very ambitious but very fragile, who thinks that they’re not ready for something… but who is capable of saying ‘no’?”

The eight episodes of the series will be filmed over the summer. As of yet there is no date for the show’s premiere but after the expectation it has caused in Spanish press, there is no doubt that it is already one of next season’s most eagerly awaited Spanish series.